Father's Day, Taking One for the Team and Worn Out - all rolled into one!

Hmmm...where to begin? I still have quite a few creations to share with you but tonight we'll take a break and show some fun things. One creation; but more family oriented items; I hope you don't mind.

First up? My DH's Father's Day gift with a unique added item!

The red rectangle is DH's gift; the card on top is the one I made; what you can't see underneath is a hand made card by our middle daughter; it's super cute. But as I was putting all this together, our 8 yr. old son was asking his typical 101 questions. When is Father's Day, when will we give dad his gift, what did we get him (although he was there when I bought it) and on it goes. LOL DH is gone this weekend, so I told the kids we would give him his gift early. Our son said, well, I have something special I want to give him. I got everything together and put it on DH's corner in the kitchen, next time I passed through the kitchen, I saw this little stick (see it at the very top) that our son put on the gift.

He had whittled the end off during the day while at work with DH and so he wanted to pass it along. How cute is that? Makes me laugh. And the evening after we gave DH his gift, our son asked me, did dad get his gift, did dad like his gift...and on we go. :D When I mentioned he could call dad and double-check, he was too embarrassed, just adding to the adorableness of the whole thing!

Next is that same little boy ALL WORN OUT! He had a game Tuesday night; after getting home he crawled up in DH's recliner and the next thing I know; THIS is what he looked like!

Kinda cute eh?

And last is our oldest daughter "taking one for the team" - OUCH! She doesn't want to wear baseball pants, she's never really slid before although she knows how, so she hasn't been wearing a sliding sleeve on her leg. Bet we buy one now, what do you think?

She slid home and this is her left knee. Pretty eh?

I hope you've had a great week; be sure to celebrate Father's Day with a little extra love!

Hugs, ~M.


  1. great gift---and i gotta say--all the more special with that perfectly whittled stick on top! lol! Great story!

  2. Beautiful card! Love the browns. What a fun story too, kids are the best! I'm sure dad will love all of his gifts. Have a great family day. Thanks for playing along with us. :)

  3. Ouch, Ouch!! Looks very sore. Your cards are fantastic! Love the colours, and this is a very masculine card. Great job.
    Michelle SBS10


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