Did you have a Happy Halloweenie?

Nothing crafty to share today, but some super fun pictures that will hopefully give you a laugh or two!

These first few pictures are of our son shooting in San Antonio at the National Sporting Clay competition - I won't give you all the deets, but I will say he shot "very well" for an 11 year old...and something about his smaller stature seems to really appeal to the girls at the shoot - LOL! He received applause when shooting, cheers from the crowd, cheek pinches and many, many high school girls saying "he's so cute"!  Oh my!

He was also filmed and interviewed; when the post goes live on the Internet, I'll link it up of course!  This gentleman and Jared won this particular competition Saturday night; also, this gentleman won the ENTIRE tournament; he's a great shooter and was fantastic with Jared! Think hundreds of shooters - yeah, this guy is good!

 B and J strategizing

B and J lining it up

B and J showing them how its done

Knocking 'em down

Yes, the gun is as tall as he is!
Okay, next up are pictures of our youngest daughter's boyfriend - his family goes ALL OUT for Halloween as can be witnessed HERE! Great family; truly a blessing to our daughter.

So "hot", no wonder she digs him! (photo courtesy of GPH)

Rockin'out!!! (photo courtesy of GPH)

Next up are two cute girls and one creepy guy (LMBO): (photo courtesy of GPH)

Next is our daughter, her boyfriend and another couple they attend school with: (photo courtesy of GPH)

And finally, I leave you with a couple "normal" pictures - one of which is my FAVORITE by far! (photo courtesy of GPH)

(photo courtesy of GPH)

Thanks for stopping by for some silly fun - hope these pictures made you smile!



  1. Oh they are fabulous pics Michele.... thank you for sharing .. and i love that last photo too... encaptures youth and fun.... just wonderful
    Lisa x

  2. LOL...fantastic pictures MP. Wish I had a tree house like that when I was younger :-D xx

  3. AWESOME!!!!!!!! Just now saw this -- thanks for the props, too! They are SO cute!!!! :)


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