Holiday Open House & Super Mom

Let's go with the super mom topic first! Our oldest was diagnosed with pneumonia & a sinus infection yesterday...possibly strep throat too, but for a Saturday they weren't able to do all the testing. Anyway, we started breathing treatments Saturday and those helped a great deal - but man, when she coughs; I find myself holding my breath!!!

We also started an antibiotic - much like a horse people, even I would have to break that think into halves to take it - WOW!!!

Hubby leaves again Wednesday for another trip - he just returned last Wednesday from an 8-day trip. We always have so much going on; never quite sure how I manage it all. LOL I would make a horrid single parent! :D

I baked more muffins this morning, that seems to be my oldest's choice of foods while she is ill. Easy enough; I can handle that!

This coming Thursday, we have 5 doctor's appointments with one of those lasting 3 hours. Gonna be a wild and crazy day, no doubt!

I'm also preparing for our Holiday Open House - deets below; not sure I'll have much ready to go, but this chica can only do so much! I hope you're having a great weekend and a wonderful week. Thanks for poppping in!! Hugs, ~M.

On Sunday November 1st, we will be having a Holiday Open House at the Benton Banquet Hall (Old Antique Mall, 14399 SW 20th, Benton, KS) from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. The event staff will be on hand to answer any questions and book potential gatherings for the banquet hall as well as local Holiday Vendors will also be on display featuring handmade gifts.

Vendors & items for sale include
Whimsical Creations Greeting Cards & Gifts, Hair Bows, Jewelry, Baby Blankets, Clothing, Hats, and Scentsy Wickless Candles. In addition to the gift vendors, brides-to-be will be able to view photography options from Brandi Smith and floral ideas from Folk Tales Floral and Gifts. Holiday Home Decorators will also be on hand to help you take the hassle out of your holiday season.

Hope you can join us!

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  1. Wow lady bug you have your work cut out for you! I know how hard it is when one of your kiddos are as sick as yours! Hope she is feeling better soon and that the rest of you stay healthy! Just do what you can do for the craft show. Make stuff up and take orders if you have to! Your stuff is so cute I am sure people will make orders!

    Hey, you asked me about my crafty classes at work, well we usually just try to find an available conference room. There is usually somewhere to do classes and such. It works out really good and I am able to make a few dollars on the side...gotta love that!

    Take care of you!


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