Van vs. Deer

WOW; what a whirlwind we have been through! I may have mentioned a little mini-vacation to Ft. Worth, TX for the Dickies 500. Oh yes, I'm a NASCAR geek!!! SmileyCentral.com
I love Tony Stewart, but I also love lots of other drivers. I was set to depart Friday, October 31; my DH had left Tuesday for San Antonio, TX...I certainly had lots to do to get the kids ready to stay with some friends, get all my things together AND pre-post some creations.

I'm pretty organized, so I had a plan and I was working my plan! Time is pretty limited around here since we both work a full-time job outside the home and all 3 children are in sports. Anyway, 10/29 rolls around and the 3 little ones and I head to town to do some Halloween shopping. Yeah, I'm organized, but I hate buying costumes. LOL I'm pretty picky about what they can wear and sheesh - they're so expensive! Anywho, we found 2 costumes, grabbed some grub and headed home. About 2 miles from home, I turned off the highway and had an encounter with a very large deer. URGH, my tummy just flips thinking about it. The deer was over 200 lbs., 8 points. Nice buck - but who wants to take one with their vehicle?? Here's some photos of my van which was totaled.

Both airbags deployed; what a mess that is! I couldn't open my door AND there was traffic coming towards us on the 2-lane road. Needless to say we were all scared speechless; lots of tears; me trying to call 911, it's 9 p.m. at night, pitch black, etc., etc. You get the idea. Not much fun!

However, we are blessed with so many dear, dear friends. Someone came and picked up the children; that same individual also had access to a flat-bed tow truck so he came back and got the van and me. Delivered me home and then brought the children home. His dear, sweet wife gave all our children a shower and got them into some jammies. How sweet is that? Two of our babes were eating ice cream so that ended up all over them and the van.

Wednesday night was pretty shaky; I was able to reach my DH and many others to talk with. So I had a friend take me to work Thursday, another friend pick me up and take me home after work and then that same friend took me back to work on Friday until I left for the races in Ft. Worth, TX. It was great to get away for a few days and leave the stress behind.

DH and I are both home and now we're working to find a new car. Another stressful event - ya know??

BUT I do have a couple pix of me at the races, this was on Sunday before the Dickies 500 (we also went to the Nationwide race on Saturday). It was very hot out, but don't you like my pretty, sparkly shirt? :D That dear friend that bathed my children also made the shirt; LOVE IT. Tony's main color is orange and his # is 20, so I was all set. This first picture is me sitting in the bleachers sweating like a pig, the 2nd picture is me doing what I do best - jacking my jaws. LOL

Thanks for popping in; I'll be sharing some new creations soon. Hugs, ~M.


  1. oh my goodness girl...thank goodness you are alright....what great freinds you have.

    Good luck car shopping---at least you get a nice new car out of the deal!

  2. OMG , how scary , so glad you are all alright . Good luck with the car shopping !

  3. Holy CRAP! I am so glad you guys are alright! It could have been worse...and thank God it wasn't! What a great friend you have! Very sweet of them to take such good care of you. Hey...my hubby sells cars...email me if you would like his number. He works for his dad at their car lot.

  4. Just glad you are ok ........

  5. How scary! Glad you hear that you and the kids are ok and that you've got wonderful supportive friends. Hope you find a new car soon.

  6. wow! that is scary - I'm glad y'all were o.k. a few weeks ago DH was rear-ended (a week & a half before a getaway) and we are just now trying to find a new car--he is seeing a chiropractor for compressed vertabrae so the injury stuff is not settled. It was nice to get away after it, though! I love your cards! nice to have great friends you can count on.

  7. Wow! I'd hate to see what the dear looks like! i am so glad you got a new car out of it, and glad you and the kids are a-okay! ps...did you get to keep him?


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