Why 8 Yr. Olds SHOULD NOT play baseball in WHITE pants!

Need I say more?

Don't repeat this; but he's only holding those pants and he's in his UNDIES underneath. Lord forbid I allow any skin to show - LOL

On to a fun note; the other morning this little man got up for the day and came in the bathroom where I was getting ready for work. I leaned over, kissed his head and said "son, you are getting SO TALL" (ya gotta understand, I'm not even 5' tall and DH is pretty darn short too; so there really isn't a chance of height for these babes). Anyway, he snuggled up next to me, hit me about my armpit, but of course when HE measured, he was at my shoulder - LOL. Anyway, he commented so quietly, "Mom, I don't ever remember being this tall before." My heart melted, what a sweet, sweet comment from our little man; made me laugh too; but very sweet.

Here's a picture of him all dressed up to PLAY BALL although this was NOT the same game where he tried to ruin the white pants. LOL

Hope you have a great weekend, thanks for popping in. I have lots of stamping samples to show you, just can't find the time to post!! I'm in the process of making some wedding invitations so between work, baseball/softball games and tournaments, trying to find stamping time is hard to come by.



Basement Stamper said...


I can totally relate to that picture. Baseball pants are hard to get cleaned!! Mine is 8 as well and always in the dirt...but not more than my 2 yo GIRL!!

Lesly said...

My 8 year old's pants always look like this. If it's his jeans, they have grass stains or hole. Had to laugh!