Turkey Anyone?

Remember "this" post (click on the word "this" to see the post)? Well...we sent that little guy (no, not our son) off to be mounted - full-size mounted. Six months later, the bird has arrived and our young man is so very delighted! It's beautiful; the taxidermist did a marvelous job.

Here's a side view of the turkey:

The pictures don't do the feathers justice, they have a green/bronze coloring to them. This is a turkey in full strut...which as Jared says "that's what he does when he's going to fight another turkey"...what he doesn't know? They do this when they're after a girl too! LOL

We have several other animals mounted downstairs - that's our unfinished basement in the background; hopefully we'll be able to get it finished and put all our magnificent mounts on display. Our children are blessed with a daddy that loves to hunt and has had the opportunity to hunt all over - British Columbia, Argentina, Alaska, Montana, Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and a few others - from those places we have a Boone & Crockett white tail deer, a beautiful elk, Javalena, Dall sheep, moose, caribou, antelope, and a few other items.

Jim's dad loved to hunt, as do his two brothers. They've had some great times together.

Last, but not least, is the man with his turkey:

The turkey arrived yesterday; tonight when we got home I found Jared sneaking downstairs to take another peek at his turkey. :)

Hope you had a great week; thanks for peeking in!! ~M.


Manna said...

Jared is a brave kid! I wouldn't go near one. Pretty impressive though!

Toni said...

Holy cow that thing is HUGE! He isa brave kid! Man you guys must be proud!